Click here to send us your inquires or call (852) 36130518
Click here to send us your inquires or call (852) 36130518


If you want to exchange links
If you are a webmaster and like to exchange links with VideoUncovered, just let us know! Beside the regular link exchanges, we also offer a place for your website at our header and/or index. The assigned places are the random images you can see at the header and index. Just let us know and we will talk about the available options. We also have our own topsites program which you can join for free. Take a look here.

If you want to advertise
When you are not interested in link exchange but in advertising, please read this. We have a very specific target group, so this is really interesting for advertisers who are looking for people with special interests in asia, music, jpop, anime and Japanese culture. Most of our visitors come from the United States (38%), followed by Canada, Singapore, United Kingdom and Japan (all about 5-7%). VideoUncovered just started as the domain, therefore we need some time to get a pagerank assigned by Google. We promote our sites at several Japanese related websites, but we are still contacting webmasters to exchange links to get a higher pagerank. About 30% of what we receive on credit each month is spend on Google AdWords for advertising. We have monthly about 22,000 (January 2007) unique visitors and about 110,000 page views. This is rapidly growing though. Here is a little summary why you should advertise on VideoUncovered:
  • Focus marketing on people who have interests in Japan and jpop
  • VideoUncovered is rapidly growing
  • We know all the "get higher positions and more result at Google" tricks
  • Visitors from the United States
  • We are trying to build up a community (loyal visitors)
  • VideoUncovered is updated each day several times
  • It's totally free for users
  • Your website/product will be associated with a young, dynamic, well designed, website
We offer you a random place at our header and index for only $10,00 a month. If you want a fixed place at our header and index the price will be $30,00. We also can place a fixed banner at the bottom of each page for $25,00 a month. Or a fixed header + index + footer for $50,00 a month.

We will offer you an own admin panel to track all the traffic to your site including the IP addresses and access times. All your statistics will be saved to compare previous periods. (VideoUncovered was founded 16th December 2006)

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